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Ukrainian HoReCa

Ukrainian HoReCa Cluster is a consolidated platform aimed at strengthening and developing manufacturers of goods and services for the HoReCa sector, creating an ecosystem of relations between manufacturers and representatives of HoReCa in Ukraine and international markets.


Create a unique corporate style, positioning, and brand identity that reflect the essence and values of the HoReCa Cluster. We carefully analyzed the HorReCa market in Ukraine, identified key trends and consumer needs, and explored competitive strategies to develop a comprehensive strategy to create a recognizable brand that reflects the authenticity and flavor of Ukraine and fosters a positive impression among consumers and partners.


Our team carefully studied the competitive landscape and modern trends before developing the logo for HoReCa Cluster. We analyzed the brand identity and values, focusing on selecting fonts that reflect its elegance and authenticity. Every detail was meticulously considered to convey the desired emotional vector in the image of HoReCa Cluster.

The logo consists of an abbreviated inscription of the full name of the public association “Ukrainian HoReCa Cluster – HoReCa Ua Cluster.”

The font part of the logo is a somewhat loose interpretation of authentic Ukrainian and Slavic font designs and is executed as a monospaced grotesque with incidental elements in individual letters.

The secondary version of the logo is a single-line variation, where the line is executed in an author’s font, which is a loose interpretation of authentic Ukrainian and Slavic font designs, with the addition of a graphical element of a circle with the superordinate abbreviation UA from the word UKRAINIAN.


The corporate emblem is a stylized symbolic funnel that “mixes” everyone involved in the field into a turbulent cocktail of perspectives and development.

The emblem is constructed as a combination of the letter U, the first letter of the word Ukrainian, executed in a free interpretation of authentic Ukrainian and Slavic font designs, and a trident, a symbol of unity in HoReCa and an element of the national identity of the country of origin of the association.


The cluster is not just a brand but also a symbol of unity, bringing together five different directions of activity. This unique concept allows for working with various aspects of business and provides the opportunity to support and develop a wide range of projects and initiatives.
All directions of activity in the HoReCa Cluster have their own visual branding, both in terms of fonts and colors.
The font part is a free interpretation of authentic Ukrainian and Slavic font designs, with the addition of a graphical element of a circle with a superordinate icon that visually reflects the specificity of the direction.


During the website development process, we spared no effort to create an attractive and functional web resource.


The result of our work was the successful creation of a new brand, its clear positioning in the market, distinctive image, and corporate style.

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