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SHUR is a restaurant of Azerbaijani cuisine, where alongside traditional dishes, the menu features absolutely original signature dishes. Since its opening, SHUR has become not only a favorite spot for Baku residents and capital city guests who love Azerbaijani cuisine but also for all music lovers, as it is positioned as a music club.


The task was to conduct a rebranding for the SHUR restaurant, preserving its unique character while providing freshness and modernity in its identity. The challenge lay in maintaining a balance between traditions and innovations, as well as in reproducing the authenticity of the cuisine and atmosphere of the restaurant through a new design and visual style. The challenge was to create a concept that would reflect the soul of the establishment and attract the attention of new clients while remaining faithful to its loyal followers.


The logo, color palette, overall corporate style, and identity of the restaurant have been worked on and updated. The color palette combines warm, natural tones, creating an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality. Graphic elements, such as patterns or decorative symbols, add a sense of authenticity and elegance, creating a cohesive image for SHUR.

We’ve developed a script and filmed a series of commercials for use in advertising campaigns. Each detail is captured in such a way that viewers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere, experiencing the aromas and flavors of the dishes even before visiting the restaurant.


As a conclusion, the result of our work is the creation of a cohesive and attractive image for the SHUR restaurant, which reflects its uniqueness and appeal. The new logo and corporate style effectively embody the concept of the establishment, providing it with freshness and modernity. Advertising creatives help attract the attention of new clients. Overall, our work has contributed to increasing the recognition and popularity of the SHUR restaurant among its target audience.

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