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“Pizza Hut” in Baku is a popular chain of restaurants offering delicious pizza and other Italian dishes. This company is a franchise of a globally renowned brand known for its exquisite taste and high-quality products. Locations of “Pizza Hut” in Baku are typically situated in convenient places, making them accessible to city visitors. In addition to pizza, the menu also includes a variety of appetizers, salads, and beverages to satisfy every customer’s taste. Due to its popularity and excellent reputation, “Pizza Hut” in Baku always attracts a large number of visitors. The company also offers delivery service, making their products available for order even at home.

Our goal was to find effective methods to boost sales without the need to open new locations. We aimed to enhance the efficiency of our existing restaurants to gain a larger market share, make our establishments more attractive to customers, increase foot traffic, improve customer satisfaction levels, and enhance brand perception.

Here are the steps we implemented:

1. Conducted a comprehensive brand analysis to identify its key attributes and assess strengths and weaknesses.
2. Conducted product testing to evaluate quality and alignment with consumer requirements.
3. Conducted in-depth analysis of market trends and prospects to understand development opportunities and competitive advantages.
4. Conducted consumer needs analysis, including their preferences, expectations, and reactions to our products.
5. Analyzed the competitive environment to identify competitor strategies and advantages, as well as determine effective competitive strategies.


We conducted a study that included surveys of various demographic groups to determine the number of people choosing Pizza Hut and the overall attitude towards pizza in the market. Using a questionnaire with diverse questions about visiting Pizza Hut, preferences regarding taste and quality of pizza, we collected data that helped understand the brand’s popularity among consumers.

The study also covered the following questions:
1. Frequency of visits to Pizza Hut.
2. Preferences for different types of pizza and other Italian dishes on the menu.
3. Perception of the quality and taste of pizza at Pizza Hut.
4. Comparison of Pizza Hut with other places where pizza can be purchased.
5. Preferred ingredients and toppings in pizza.
6. Choice of location (dine-in, delivery, or takeout) for visiting Pizza Hut.
7. General attitude towards pizza as a dish and its popularity compared to other dishes.

These questions helped us gain a broad overview of pizza choice and perception as a product, allowing us to better understand market needs and preferences.

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