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Notes Gastronomy & Bar is a gastronomic space of author’s European cuisine combined with careful attention to traditional flavor preferences in the center of Baku.
The interior combines elegant classic with modern accents, representing a blend of French bistro and cozy European restaurant.


Our task was to create a corporate style and brand book for the restaurant “Notes” in Baku to reflect its unique character and atmosphere through design and visual expression. One of the biggest challenges was to maintain a balance between modernity and tradition to convey the authentic cuisine and culture of Azerbaijan through design and brand elements. Additionally, a significant challenge was to create a concept that reflected the diversity of flavors and experiences offered by the “Notes” restaurant while preserving the unity and consistency of the brand.


The symbolic logo of the “Notes” establishment became a musical note, representing the aesthetics and atmosphere of the restaurant. This image conveys not only the artistic essence but also the inspiration found in every dish and every moment at “Notes.” The use of a musical note in the logo adds symbolic meaning, emphasizing the uniqueness of the place and its connection to culture and hospitality.


The brand identity of the “Notes” restaurant reflects its unique character and concept through each element. The color palette is used to create an atmosphere of coziness and elegance: warm shades of brown and gold provide intimacy and luxury. Graphic elements such as musical notes and textures are used to emphasize associations with musical culture. All these elements underline the individuality of the “Notes” establishment.


The result of our work is the creation of a corporate style and unique identity for the “Notes” restaurant, which perfectly reflects its character and concept. The musical note in the logo, combined with warm tones and graphic elements, adds an atmosphere of coziness and elegance to the entire brand. The result is impressive and memorable, creating a unique impression on guests and highlighting the uniqueness of the “Notes” restaurant among others.

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