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No-Code Summit
No-Code Summit is a series of events organized by the consortium of companies FLOWMATES and PLATMA. After conquering Websummit in Lisbon, the team embarked on a journey to Almaty to host the conference in collaboration with partners Most IT Hub. The event took place on November 30, 2023.

No-Code Summit opened up new perspectives for local and international participants aiming to swiftly and effectively implement their ideas. The event brought together professionals from various industries and technologies to foster knowledge exchange and create new collaboration opportunities. The scale of the event in Almaty impressed all participants. The program featured several panel discussions and presentations that contributed to the active development of innovations in no-code programming.


We were responsible for all aspects of organizing the No-Code Summit. Our team took on all tasks and duties, including:

1. Strategic Planning: We developed a strategic plan for the event considering audience needs and client goals. This involved defining key moments, thematic blocks, and overall event structure.
2. Venue and Logistics: We handled communication with the chosen venue and addressed logistics issues to ensure smooth operations during the event.
3. Technical Support: We selected contractors, developed technical specifications, and supervised the technical team’s work during the event. This included audio-video equipment, networking, and organizing live streaming on our YouTube channel.
4. Program and Speakers: We planned the event program focusing on current themes and trends in no-code programming. We invited and coordinated expert speakers who provided insights and expertise in the field.
5. Ticket Sales and Participant Registration: We created a registration system and managed participant logistics to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience for attendees.
6. Video and Photography: We organized video and photo coverage of the event to document key moments and activities.
7. Team Logistics: We managed logistics for our own team to ensure everyone was well-equipped and coordinated throughout the event.

Organizing the No-Code Summit involved meticulous planning and execution across these various domains to deliver a successful and impactful conference experience.

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