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The No-Code Summit, which took place on November 13, 2023, during the Websummit in Lisbon, organized for the FLOWMATES and PLATMA groups, proved to be a true meeting place for innovators, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in innovative technologies. It was a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the world of no-code programming, where everyone could discover new possibilities for creating their own web products and applications without the need for deep technical knowledge.

The No-Code Conference was a breakthrough in the development of the no-code programming industry, opening up new perspectives for those who want to quickly and effectively implement their ideas without deep programming knowledge. It combined technological innovation and creativity, creating a stimulating environment for further development and collaboration.

We were responsible for all aspects of organizing the No-Code Conference.

Our team took on all tasks and duties, including:
1. Strategic planning. We developed a strategic plan for the event considering the audience’s needs and client’s goals. This included determining key moments and thematic blocks.
2. Venue and logistics. We selected and booked suitable locations for the event and managed logistical arrangements.
3. Technical support. We selected subcontractors, developed technical specifications, and ensured the proper functioning of the technical team during the event, including audio-video equipment, network communication tools, and organizing live streaming on a YouTube channel.
4. Program and speakers. We planned the event program considering current themes and trends in the no-code programming field. We invited and coordinated speaker presentations from experts in the field.
5. Ticket sales and attendee registration. We created a registration system and managed attendee participation to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience at the event.
6. Video and photography organization.
7. Team logistics organization.
8. VIP dinner organization. This included selecting restaurants, choosing menus, and organizing activities during the evening portion of the event.

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