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The Kompozit brand was founded in 1995. Today, the Kompozit brand offers a wide range of paint and coating materials for comprehensive solutions not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. Production technologies and formulations are developed based on our own laboratory in active cooperation with such global giants as Dow Chemical, BASF, and others.


In our work on each case, we strive to achieve a higher level of professionalism and creativity. For the “Kompozit” project, our main goal was to modernize their logo and brand identity, as well as develop identity elements. During the project, we focus on every detail of the identity, working on creating a modern and memorable image for the brand.


Our approach to developing the identity for the project is based on a deep understanding of its goals and target audience. We combine creativity with a strategic approach, taking into account the unique characteristics of the brand. As a result, we create a cohesive and consistent identity that reflects the style, values, and identity of the company. Our team is focused on ensuring that each element of the identity reflects modern trends and contributes to strengthening the brand’s image in the eyes of its audience.

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