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Klaw Restaurant – located in the historic building of the Miami Women’s Club right on the shores of Biscayne Bay, KLAW combines refined elegance with the unique “je ne sais quoi” atmosphere of Miami, making it a popular spot for those who want to see and be seen, and who appreciate exquisite dishes and wines.

The restaurant specializes in royal crabs from Norway and meat from Nebraska farmers, which are displayed and stored in dry refrigerators, as well as seafood such as blue shrimp, sea scallops, and oysters from the East and West coasts. The wine list is extensive and deep, spanning dozens of pages.

Rooftop by Klaw – offers the best view in Miami, the only place in Edgewater where you can enjoy stunning sunsets, cocktails, and a festive atmosphere.


Our team joined the project at a stage when the restaurant had been operating for over a year, so most of the audience already had a perception and understanding of this establishment. We faced the challenging task of expanding awareness of the restaurant among the local population and Miami visitors. Our goal was not only to highlight the existing advantages of the establishment but also to emphasize its uniqueness, focusing on the special methods of preparing crabs and meat. Additionally, we aimed to ensure a steady flow of guests by directing them to various programs and events, and actively promoting the Rooftop as a key element of the overall concept of the venue.

Tasks that lay ahead of us:

1.Thoroughly analyze the market, starting with the identification and analysis of the top 10 leading restaurants and bars competitors. Our research should include an assessment of the activities and events conducted over the past year.
1.1 Conduct a detailed analysis of the menus of competitor restaurants and bars, considering price categories, number of items, variety of ingredients, and programming. Also, analyze all special offers of each establishment to understand how attractive they are to our clients.
1.2 Conduct a detailed analysis of wine and cocktail menus.
2. Analyze internal processes and existing strategies.
3. Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the restaurant and Rooftop, which takes into account all aspects of the analysis and reflects the unique features of the establishment.
4. Create a corporate style for advertising materials and conduct professional photoshoots of new items, focusing on aesthetic and appealing visual imagery.
5. Launch advertising campaigns aimed at attracting new guests to the restaurant.


During our market research, we conducted a comprehensive analysis aimed at gaining a deep understanding of the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities for further development. We paid particular attention to analyzing the menus and activities of competitors. We thoroughly examined à-la-carte menus and additional menus (seasonal, brunch menus), taking into account the variety of price categories, number of items, and menu programming.

Furthermore, we meticulously analyzed the special offers provided by our competitors. This allowed us to better understand which aspects attract customers and what advantages our establishment has over its competitors.

Additionally, we focused on wine and cocktail menus. A detailed study of the variety and attractiveness of these beverages for our target audiences enabled us to develop a strategy that considers the popularity and demand for specific types of drinks.

Overall, our analysis not only helped us better understand our competitors but also identified opportunities for improving offerings and developing unique competitive advantages.


Developing the visual style for advertising creatives is a key stage in creating an effective and appealing advertising campaign. At this stage, we created a unique and easily recognizable image that would be associated with the brand and attract the attention of the target audience.

We identified the main elements of the visual style, such as colors, fonts, graphic elements, and compositional solutions.

Our goal is to ensure consistency and harmony among all elements of the advertising campaign to create a cohesive and attractive brand image. Additionally, we considered psychological aspects and the emotional appeal of our creatives to maximize their impact on the audience.


During the development and launch of advertising campaigns, we employed a comprehensive approach, dividing them into three different campaigns for maximum impact. The first campaign aimed to increase awareness of our restaurant among local residents and tourists. We utilized various communication channels such as social media, advertising banners, and email newsletters to convey our message to as wide an audience as possible.

The second campaign focused on supporting the restaurant and Rooftop programs and events. We utilized video and photo materials showcasing the attractiveness and atmosphere of our Rooftop, and launched a special promotional campaign with discounted prices on cocktails and appetizers.

Separately, we launched a campaign for meat and crab dishes, emphasizing special cooking methods and product quality.


Our successful cooperation and collaboration have allowed us to successfully implement a comprehensive set of marketing tools. Overall, our joint efforts have not only enabled us to achieve our set goals but also confirmed the effectiveness of integrating marketing tools to achieve successful outcomes.

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