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IRIS DENT – an author’s dentistry that has been operating for over 10 years and provides a full range of customer service – which intersects with modern trends about focusing on one service, but meets the demand of the target audience.


The task involved developing a digital strategy for the dental clinic ‘Iris Dent.’ This strategy was to encompass a range of measures to integrate modern digital technologies into all aspects of clinical operations, including marketing, patient service, clinic management, and customer communication. The goal was to enhance clinic efficiency, improve patient interaction, and increase competitiveness in the dental services market through the integration of innovative digital solutions.

Additionally, the task included developing a unique logo that would reflect the clinic’s values and image, creating a brand identity to establish visual unity for the clinic, and designing various materials and mediums such as corporate documentation, advertising materials, and more. Our objective was to highlight the professionalism and uniqueness of the ‘Iris Dent’ clinic through the creation of a consistent and appealing visual identity.


The IRIS DENT logo consists of the clinic’s name written in a font style and a corporate symbol (icon). For better perception, the logo is designed in a concise style. The grotesque font of the name harmoniously combines with the symbol, which symbolizes the Iris flower. The brand name IRIS DENT is a family quality mark. It is based on the names Irina, Sergiy, Tamara.


The process of writing the digital strategy for “Iris Dent” began with an analysis of the current state of the clinic and its competitive environment. A thorough study of the target audience, their needs, and positioning in the media space was conducted. Based on this analysis, strategic goals and objectives were defined, which determined the overall direction of the strategy.

Next, the development of specific tactical steps using digital tools such as social media, content marketing, SEO, and others took place. Channels of communication with patients and methods of their engagement were identified.

An important part was the definition of success metrics for measuring the results and effectiveness of the strategy. After writing the strategy, it was discussed with key stakeholders to receive feedback and corrections.

The final stage was the creation of a detailed implementation plan for the strategy, including a timeline and responsible persons for each step. The plan also included a monitoring and evaluation system to allow for adjustments during implementation.


Thanks to the strategy, there was an increase in the clinic’s website traffic, a growth in the number of consultation requests, and an improvement in customer satisfaction levels. The clinic became more recognizable and was able to enhance its competitiveness in the dental services market. The results were measured using pre-defined success metrics, which allowed for appropriate adjustments and increased strategy effectiveness over time.

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