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On June 20, 2024, the first “Hospitality Connect Conference 2024” took place in Kyiv, organized by our team in collaboration with the NGO “Ukrainian Export Alliance,” in partnership with the Ukrainian HoReCa Cluster and with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine. The event brought together key players in the HoReCa sector, including restaurateurs, hoteliers, procurement specialists, suppliers, and product manufacturers.

Distinguished speakers at the conference included Nadia Bigun from the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Irina Sedletska from the Association of Hotels and Resorts of Ukraine, Yevheniy Komarov from the Association of Restaurateurs of Ukraine, Irina Zelenina from the Ukrainian Export Alliance, Oksana Donska from the Association of Furniture Manufacturers of Ukraine, and other prominent industry experts.

The event program featured:
1. A presentation area where participants could explore products from Ukrainian manufacturers for the HoReCa sector.
2. Engaging presentations and panel discussions focusing on current industry challenges and successful case studies.
3. Opportunities to establish new business contacts and expand the utilization of domestic products within the Ukrainian market.

This conference was a significant event for industry development, fostering discussions on export prospects for Ukrainian manufacturers and highlighting the latest trends in the HoReCa sector.

Our agency took on the full spectrum of responsibilities to ensure high-quality organization from start to finish.
Key tasks we accomplished include:
1. Strategic planning. Development of a detailed strategic plan considering client needs and conference themes.
2. Venue and logistics. Finding and securing an optimal event location, managing transportation, participant accreditation, technical equipment, etc.
3. Technical support. Selection and coordination of technical teams to ensure seamless operation of audio-video equipment, lighting, sound effects, and technical support for presentations and panel discussions.
4. Catering organization.
5. Program and speakers: Development of the event schedule, including program blocks, speaker presentations, and coordination of their participation.
6. Registration and guest services: Creation and management of participant registration systems, organizing guest reception and accommodation, ensuring comfortable attendee experience.
7. Promotion and communication: Development of event promotion strategies, including PR campaigns, social media activities, and distribution of invitations to companies.
8. Visual design and branding: Conceptualization of design, logo, animations, creation of branded materials and event attributes, brand wall.
9. Administrative support: Efficient budget management, financial operations, contracting with partners and suppliers.
10. Technical support: Organization and oversight of the exhibition area.
11. Event execution: Coordination of all departments, monitoring of timely task completion, and resolution of logistical issues during the conference.

This conference became a vital platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the HoReCa sector, where every participant had the opportunity to discover new ideas and expand their business contacts. As an organization, we showcased the highest level of service and professionalism.


The exhibition zone at the conference, featuring over 30 manufacturers specializing in servicing the HoReCa sector, deserves special attention. All exhibitors were carefully selected to showcase a variety of products and innovations tailored to the needs of restaurants and hotels.

Overall, the exhibition zone provided a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and achievements in the HoReCa sector, offering valuable insights and facilitating important networking opportunities among manufacturers, suppliers, and industry participants.

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