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The Aspen Institute Kyiv is a Ukrainian non-partisan civic organization that supports the development of values-based leadership, fosters a culture of dialogue, and creates opportunities for the exchange of ideas. The Aspen Institute Kyiv commenced its activities on May 27, 2016. In pursuit of its mission, the Aspen Institute Kyiv engages leaders from business, government, academia, media, cultural projects, civil society, and other important social spheres in dialogue.


On December 11, our team, together with The Aspen Institute Kyiv, organized a celebration that brought together all Aspen seminar alumni — Aspen Reunion 2021! Aspen Reunion is an annual gathering of alumni, providing an opportunity to meet friends, colleagues, classmates, and members of the community. If Aspen Reunion were to be described with a few tags, they would include: incredible people, networking with old and new friends, resonance sparking interesting thoughts and ideas.

The idea behind this gathering was music. Because what, if not music, can unite people of different interests but shared values?

Music filled the hall, creating an atmosphere of unity and celebration. Aspen seminar alumni danced, sang, and shared their stories and impressions. It was an evening that none of the attendees would forget.

At Aspen Reunion 2021, alumni from various fields were present: politics, business, science, art, civil society. They were united not only by the fact that they had once attended Aspen seminars, but also by shared values and a desire for positive change in the world.

Once again, Aspen Reunion demonstrated that when people with different experiences and knowledge come together around shared values, they can create real wonders.

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