support of events
  • IdealSecrets is a leader among service providers for integrated technical support of mass events.
  • A conference for
    3000 people
  • Open-air for
    15000 people.
  • Corporate party for
    2000 people
  • Presentation of any
    level of complexity.
  • 1
    more than 100 kilowatts of sound
  • 1
    more than 100 lighting devices
  • 1
    1000 m2 of tent constructions
    Our Agency is engaged in a comprehensive implementation of technical support for activities, from the stage of preliminary consultation and development of technical specifications to the final stage of development and implementation of the project.
  • The list of our services includes not only the solution of organizational questions, but also sound rental in Kiev. We provide rental of JBL and Electro-Voice sound equipment with power ranging from 5 to 100 KW.

    Sound equipment rentals allow us to hold an event of any complexity, be it a wedding celebration, corporate party, concert, presentation, etc. Our specialists will select the most suitable equipment for your event that will provide excellent sound in any conditions and regardless of the size of the venue.

    Rental of sound in IdealSecrets implies a rental of additional equipment: power supplies, amplifiers, connectors and cables, equipment for video display. To organize a clear, loud and realistic sound, you also need to properly configure the power amplifier, as well as speakers, subwoofer, passive and active monitors. Only having combined all devices you can achieve equal sound in any corner of the room or in open areas of more than 15,000 m2.

    • IdealSecrets team consists of real professionals, who will work on selection, delivery, mounting and dismounting of the sound. You can be sure that your event will be organized at the highest level!
    Tent constructions rental is always a stylish and original solution for events of any size. When renting a tent, you get a full range of services of our specialists: planning, installation and dismantling, decoration, lighting.

    Tent constructions consist of a quick-mount aluminum construct with a gable roof and a tent itself is assembled from sections. The total footage of tent can be 1000 sq. m. Tent constructions are also used as technical facilities for large concerts and festivals. In the warm season tents provide excellent protection from the sun and unexpected rain. At a hot temperature mobile air conditioners are used, and in the cold season heat guns and infrared heaters are installed in the tents. Depending on your wishes, we install furniture, windows and doors in tents. With an uneven surface under the tent construction, a podium is built, leveling the level at 0 degrees. Tents, pavilions, canopies can have many forms and parameters. Depending on the nature of the event, we will help you choose the option that works best for you. We rent quick-mount tent constructions, that make it easy to hold any event combining the useful with the pleasant – work and leisure.

    • The use of modern materials makes it possible to apply graphics, advertising slogan, logos and other images to the tent constructions - thanks to high-quality branding your event will be remembered for a long time by those present. Long-term experience in the planning of events allows us to take into account all the moments connected with renting of tents and awnings for outdoor ceremonies. For weddings and birthdays there is the possibility of renting podiums and stands. For a large-scale banquets, we always care about renting the technical area for catering services, makeup artists. We will do everything to ensure that the participants of the event feel comfortable and convenient.
    Stage equipment is an important part of the entertainment. We use designs from which you can assemble a stage of any configuration. Event-company IdealSecrets offers the following services for rental of stages and structures for events of any complexity: wedding, birthday, presentation, conference, corporate party, concert, etc.

    Scene with a roof made with roof construct from Layher is the most wind-resistant type of scenes with the roof. At the heart of the construction is a podium, surrounded on three sides by interconnected racks. When renting stands or a podium, you provide viewers with a good overview of all the actions taking place on the stage. It is important that our stage design allows creating unlimited variants of spatial schemes for presentations, conferences, concerts.

    In the rental industry of stage constructions, not only simple and fast installation is appreciated, but also high strength of steel parts. Scene with a roof made with roof construct from Layher construct is a solid, monolithic structure that allows you to hang on each of the load-bearing roof trusses up to 3 tons of distributed weight. To rent a stage kit from us means to provide the event with a system of suspension of the necessary equipment (lights, screens, scenery, acoustic portals). Behind the scenes we form a backdrop and sidewalls, which act as protection against wind, rain or sun. You can choose any depth, as well as the height of the formed stage room. Our company offers 3 kinds of scenes with roof construct from Layher, based on the length of the stage mirror.

    • We practice a comprehensive approach to the placement of the performance venue. We take into account the size of the stage (podium), the auditorium or outdoor venue, as well as a way to accommodate guests. Our specialists will tell you what kind of construction will be the most suitable to rent for a wedding, birthday, presentation, corporate party, and which one should be placed for large-scale cultural events (festivals, competitions, concerts). We have a rich experience in the design and construction of stage sites of any scale.
    Light rental is a real godsend for those who wish to turn an ordinary event into a light show. A wide choice of equipment and professional adjustment of static and dynamic light are the key to ensuring that your event will have unprecedented success!
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    Our agency offers light for rent and equipment for organizing events of any kind: concerts, weddings, corporate parties, conferences and so on. Our specialists have a vast experience in turning an ordinary event into a grand event that will leave a nice imprint in the soul of every guest. Rental of concert lights and equipment rental is one of the services provided by our company in Ukraine, in particular in Kiev.

    Professional lighting design is the key to a successful event!
    Even the most ordinary event can be turned into a grandiose, bright and memorable, if you take care about picking professional lighting equipment in advance. Our company offers a range of services in this area: lighting rental and management consoles, delivery, installation, setup and dismantling. All this ensures a high level of service and flawless celebration.
    • If you are interested in renting a light, you can always contact our specialists and explain in an abstract way what is necessary for your event. IDEALSECRETS managers will be able to choose the most appropriate light equipment for your event and help you with the costs.