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VODA.UA is a high-mountain water from the Carpathians, extracted from the unique Mizun deposit and meeting the highest quality standards. It is bottled at a high-tech production facility certified according to the food safety management system ISO 22000:2005.


The main task that the project owner, Dmytro Nikiforov, approached the agency with was the development of eco-friendly packaging design for an existing product. It was necessary to create an aesthetically appealing and practical packaging design capable of emphasizing the product’s environmental friendliness and its alignment with environmental preservation goals. Highlighting the ecological advantages of the packaging through its design helps to maintain customer loyalty and increase awareness of environmental issues overall.


The brand “VODA.UA” has become the first in its segment to use completely biodegradable packaging instead of traditional plastic. We paid special attention to the packaging design and categorized different types of water using color coding and infographics. For example, blue packaging is used for water extracted at 480 meters above sea level, while black packaging is used for water from the highest water intake in the country, at 1040 meters.

Particular emphasis was placed on the aspect that the water originates from the Carpathian Mountains, where it naturally emerges to the surface and is not subject to human intervention. Therefore, it contains no additional components such as antibiotics, preservatives, or mineral substances. This aspect became crucial in positioning the product, emphasizing its naturalness and high quality.


As a result of our work, we have not only achieved innovative eco-packaging for the “VODA UA” product but also crafted a compelling narrative around the product. Infographics and color coding in the design allowed us to effectively communicate the key advantages of “VODA UA,” particularly its origin in the Carpathian Mountains and absence of any artificial additives. Furthermore, our packaging reflected the high aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of the product, adding competitive advantages in the market and becoming a symbol of quality, safety, and naturalness.

Therefore, the outcome of our work is not just the creation of packaging design but the creation of value for the brand, increasing its appeal to consumers, and enhancing its competitiveness.

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