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Platform MOOW – the first trade, transport, and logistics online platform in Ukraine, where transportation for goods, storage warehouses, and specialized equipment for unloading are found, as well as online services in the business sector. The main goal of the company is to simplify the supply chain management process and ensure efficient operation for each client.


Our activity was divided into several sequential stages. First, we conducted an analysis of the Ukrainian market to get a full picture of its potential and peculiarities. The next step was to research the target audience to understand their needs, preferences, and behavior. After that, we thoroughly analyzed the competitive environment, studying the strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of other market participants. Equally important was deep analytics, which allowed us to gain additional insights and understanding to make informed decisions.

The next stages included naming development, which identifies the brand’s identity, reflecting the essence and ideas of the company. Next, we created a corporate style in which each element reflected the values and goals of the brand. Additionally, we carefully defined the market positioning strategy to distinguish our client among competitors and ensure a stable position in the market. We completed our work by designing the company’s identity, which reflected its character and attracted the attention of the target audience.



Our goal is to ensure that the brand is not just a name but also a essence that grabs attention and leaves an impression. MOOW – resonant with the English term “move”. MOOW is not just a word, but also a concept that embodies dynamism, progress, and activity. We envisioned every interaction with the company MOOW leaving a vivid mark in consumers’ minds, motivating them to move forward and reach new heights.


The logo of the MOOW brand embodies its essence and goals. At the center of the logo is an abstract star with four rays, symbolizing movement, dynamics, and development. Each ray of the star expresses not only forward direction but also different aspects of the brand, such as innovation, style, collaboration, and energy.

Every element of the corporate identity, color palette, and fonts not only reflect aesthetics but also emphasize the energy and individuality of the company, making it recognizable to the target audience.


The main creative element is the letter “O” with a star inside. The primary colors are black and white.


The company successfully implements strategic marketing initiatives, allowing it to establish itself in the market and occupy a confident position in its own niche. Through systematic analysis of market trends and the implementation of innovative marketing approaches, the company continues to successfully scale and expand its customer base.

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