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The Italian wine brand Canti is renowned for its outstanding wines and is one of the key players in the global wine market. The name “Canti” translates to “songs,” reflecting the passion and inspiration that Canti winemakers put into every bottle of wine. One of the great features of Canti is the variety of wine varieties offered by the brand.


The task before our team was to create a new packaging design for this prestigious Italian brand. We began the process with intensive market research and competitor analysis to understand the unique characteristics of this segment and identify the needs of the target audience. Leveraging our knowledge and experience in design, we created a unique and effective packaging that reflects the sophistication and elegance of the Canti brand.

This packaging was honored with the “Best Design Awards” in the category of “The Best Champagne Branding Examples” according to Design Rush.


As a result of our work, we have developed bold and stylish designs for Canti Asti and Canti Prosecco, a delicate pink design for Canti Prosecco Rosé, and a luxurious gold design for Canti Pinot Grigio. The main feature of our concept is that each packaging has its unique aesthetics, but together they create a unified and stylish image.

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